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Board, Committees and Contacts

The Appleton North Athletic Booster Club Board is comprised of volunteer parents who are interested in having a positive impact on the athletic programs at Appleton North.


Board members make decisions about fundraising activities, direct the allocations of funds and work to enhance the enthusiastic environment of athletic events. 


The board meets the second Wednesday of each month.  In addition to attending meetings, each member serves on one of several committees. Committee assignments include concessions, marketing, sport book, website, golf outing, artisan faire, volunteers and membership.

If you are interested in learning more about the Booster Board there are 3 General Membership Meetings during the school year.  The General Membership Meetings are held in the Lightning Room at Appleton North High School from 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  You may also contact the president at

Appleton North Booster Board Members 2017-2018
Trayner, Jay President
Pope, Randy Vice President 
Holmes, Karri Treasurer
Squier, Julia Secretary
Werner, Nate Activities Director
Trayner, Cari Artisan Faire Co Chair
Artisan Faire Co Chair
Lach, Nicole Concessions Chair
Schipper, Tracy Concessions Treasurer
Lach, Rob Concessions
 * available * Concessions
Garrity, Donna Golf Outing
Hoeft, Steve Golf Outing
Meyer, Joe Golf Outing
Pohlman, Jim Golf Outing
Otto, Greg Golf Outing
Williamsen, Carolyn Marketing Chair
Pownell, Nora Marketing
Hopp, Katy Membership Chair
Zuck, Jane Membership
Milani, Rose Marie  Sports Book
Ambrosius, Kattie Sports Book
Tomassetti, Tracey Volunteer Chair
* available * Volunteer
Pownell, Nora Website Design

Page Last Updated:  10/08/17